What is the fleet management software?

Most of the manufacturing and distribution industries need to manage their fleet because they are involved in the delivery of the products. Also, companies dealing with the equipment installation, maintenance, servicing, or repair needs to manage their vehicles in the fleet. To gain competitive advantages in the domain of fleet and transport management needs very strong and efficient operation management. To put it another way, managing end-to-end fleet management activities is not easy to handle manually. An intelligent and powerful fleet management system helps in accelerating the operations related to the fleet. Further, you can make a decision more rapidly than before. Get smooth-running fleet operations to provide better customer services and enhance the internal staff's efficiency.

Moreover, vehicle fleet management software can be customized and can be perfectly fit your precise business requirements and challenges. All things considered, managing the fleet includes management of all the vehicles used in the business. It can be used for various purposes, for example, delivery, field services, and others. Keep all of your fleet's vehicles maintained and managed with an effective tool for fleet management.

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Odoo Fleet Management

In Odoo, fleet Management enables companies to run their business in a more effective and efficient manner, including various tasks, or specific tasks related to the organization's fleet of vehicles. Fleet management Odoo covers each and every aspect of fleet management including tracking of fleet location, keeping records of vehicles, contract management, tracking odometer value, vehicle's costs, etc. Moreover, this software offers a very effective way to understand the vehicle's status in a single glance. Further, easily maintain all insurance details of your vehicles as well as keep a clean record of each driver's information (Name, Driving license, etc.).

Further, integration with ale and purchase modules allows you to manage and control all the transactions within the company. And accounting application integration allows smart and fast billing and invoicing to meet all the financial needs of the organization. One of the most important features of the fleet management software open-source system is to keep a record of the actives as well as inactive vehicles so that you can estimate the total costing over the fleet. Also, add as many vehicles your business needs. Vehicle contract management is also an important aspect where you will get the notification before the expiration of the contract so that you can renew or cancel the contract.

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A range of excellent features

Easily register a vehicle

With open-source fleet management, you can choose and register the vehicle conveniently. At the same time, you can add a vehicle's properties such as license plate, model, chassis number, tag, etc. Now, you can add complete information about a particular vehicle in your system's database.

Track cost of each vehicle

This feature of Odoo enables you to keep track of expenses over a specific vehicle. It includes purchase or lease cost and maintenance or repair costs. In this way, you can calculate the total cost of a vehicle and manage your fleet accordingly. Further, calculate ROI on each vehicle.

Keep record of Odometer value

We offer a full-featured fleet management solution that consists of so many advanced features and functionalities. One of them is, monitor the Odometer to keep a record of how many miles your vehicle has traveled on a specific date.

Monitor and control the vehicle's maintenance and servicing

Most fleet management companies need a solution that can keep track of the vehicle’s maintenance and repair. Because most of the time they miss servicing of the vehicle and it will cause inefficiency in the business. To avoid this kind of situation Odoo fleet management system allows you to keep track of all the maintenance or service of each vehicle in your fleet.

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