Keep your inventory operations hassle-free

Inventory management is a necessary part of all the manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale, trading, and other industries. It does not matter what is the size of the company, every business needs a warehouse management system. Considering the need for an inventory system, Odoo inventory management module helps organizations to restock items on time, understand how much products or material needs to be purchased, and how much they have to manufacture as well as what would be the right time to sell, and at what price. All things considered, this system definitely assists companies to make informed and better decisions. Open-source warehouse management lets you track the movement of each item incoming and outgoing from the warehouse. Furthermore, it enables organizations to manage the process of procuring, storing, tracking, and selling products. Also, handle maximum/minimum Inventory levels and automatically generate RFQs and send them to your suppliers.

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A great business application for flawless warehouse management

Better inventory management results in the timely delivery of the items and ultimately, it enhances customer experience. Open-source inventory management allows multiple warehouses and locations management in a single system. Also, this software helps industries to manage products as well as their variants like colors, different sizes, etc. It eliminates the chances of overstocking and understocking. Open-source inventory management modules have various features that hold the warehouse operations from falling down. For streamlining crucial and significant business functions, Odoo inventory management module integrates with various core applications of the system such as purchase, sales, accounting, etc. This system has always helped organizations to manage their product or asset inventory without spending a lot of money and without facing a lot of hurdles.

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A highly flexible and easy to use software

An Open inventory system assists companies to track inventory levels, improve sales, initiate on-time deliveries, as well as control and handle the entire inventory activities. Moreover, it facilitates a multi-tasking platform where manufacturers and distributors or wholesalers can not only manage the inventory but also it also provides so many benefits to the manufacturing processes. Manufacturers obtain profits from it, due to its collaboration with the manufacturing operations right from creating a bill of materials and streamlining work orders. You will get the best-in-class customization while working with us, we offer customization services at very affordable pricing. Along with having shared service hosting and email supports for bugs, we are also offering unlimited customization. Get more benefits than proprietary software due to the customizable nature of Odoo warehouse system, we can customize this solution using various plug-ins to improve the functionality of the software.

Furthermore, track Lot/Serial numbers, expiration dates of the products to avoid any kind of mismanagement in the warehouse. We offer third-party integration with various shipping services such as DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc. Inventory management software open-source and integration with 3rd party shippers will allow you to deliver products timely that surely enhance the customer experience.

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Reasons to use an open warehouse management software:

  • Keep a tab on outgoing as well as incoming inventory and control stock levels accordingly.
  • Efficiently manage your inventory by eliminating the chances of product overstocking.
  • Simply organize data by getting essential and detailed information from numerous saved resources.
  • Improve transparency across the business operations by controlling the procedures as well as automating the inventory transactions.
  • Manage multiple warehouses/locations with the help of a barcode system, effective management of scrap, stock transfer option, and more.
  • Easily track expiration dates on products and avoid mismanagement of inventories.