What is Project Management?

Project management includes managing and controlling people, tasks, timesheets, budgets, and expected return on investments. This is a crucial requirement of most of the industries, including manufacturing, construction, energy, healthcare, service sector, etc. As can be seen, almost every industry needs to manage their projects, tasks, and people working on it. To make the project management effective and efficient while saving costs and time, you need to implement project management software. It enables you to reduce risk as well as provides you all the important information at a glance. A robust project management system gives you a clear overview of your project's progress that helps you to stay organized. Furthermore, you will be able to handle your projects from beginning to end as well as you can run multiple projects in parallel conveniently.

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Odoo Project Management Module

Odoo Project Management application helps in managing various types of projects with people working across the globe. This will truly enable you to manage all of your customer projects, tasks, sub-tasks, budget, and more. In addition, it allows you to provide support in real-time if your client needs it. It has different views for your different needs, as per your convenience you can choose the view that fits your own needs. With the various smart views such as kanban view, Gantt view, and calendar view you can work on the projects with more ease. For example, work on a project's tasks and issues using the kanban view. Gantt view can be used for scheduling tasks. And to see and control project deadlines use the calendar view. Keep track of all your projects and get the wholesome picture of your projects in a minute, from customer contracts to the billing.

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Feature-rich open-source project management software

We offer the top-notch Project Management System that surely matches your business needs. As we all know that to make a project successful needs better team productivity and excellent project management. Our software does both, it helps to improve the team's productivity as well as project management efficiency. With an open-source project management tool, forget about all the struggles and complex processes. Keep track of everything as well as control the entire project management process.

This system has so many features, some of them are:

Document Management

Manage all of your project documents, such as plan, customer contracts, and other specifications.

Excellent Customer Service

Create customer tickets and then track all the tickets to resolve their issues and fix the reported bugs as quickly as possible, also provide support in real-time.

Tasks Archiving

If you want to have a clear view of only those tasks that you are currently working on, you can archive finished tasks.

Email Integration

For better and seamless communication between business and clients, you can integrate email and get everything connected to the project management module. Now you accelerating the process of issue resolution.

Automation of actions and activities

This feature enables you to send emails on different statuses, such as at the time of confirmation of ticket, survey associated with customer satisfaction, and more.

Completely Customizable

You can get each process of your project customized. You can customize stages and rename stages, customize alerts as per the activities involved in the project, automate emails, and more.

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Why Use Odoo Project Management Software?

Easily create a new project

No one wants a complicated process for managing their projects. With this in mind, Odoo project management software allows companies to create new projects effortlessly. Easily specify the name of the new project and select which features and functionalities you want to integrate. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed rutrum odio et turpis fermentum rutrum. Proin eu lobortis leo. Vestibulum tincidunt porta enim sit amet scelerisque. Morbi vel porttitor massa. Proin in ipsum nibh. Praesent mattis finibus libero

Manage stages of the project

In your project, you can add as many columns as per the stages in your project. It helps you to identify each project stage distinctly according to the definite set of activities of each project stage. Easily move the stages of the project and mark it done/completed when you have finished that task. See all the status of tasks in a single view. Simply drag and drop tasks on the next stage. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed rutrum odio et turpis fermentum rutrum. Proin eu lobortis leo. Vestibulum tincidunt

Keep track of time spent on tasks

Along with the project management module use timesheets application to keep track of time spent on each project, tasks, as well as subtasks. Open-source project management allows you to know how much time your team or individual employee has spent on a particular project or task. In this system, you can start time when you start working and mark as completed when you are done. Further, all the time spent on the tasks will be recorded in the system. To get a strong system to manage projects contact us, we offer the best-in-class open-source project management software. It is a budget-friendly and easy to use system that can be a perfect fit for every size of organization, whether it is small, medium, or large companies.

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