Hire the top talents

Recruitment is the primary responsibility of an HR department, without effective recruitment you cannot get the best quality talent in your organization. Hiring eligible candidates lead to better productivity and enhanced business growth. This is the most crucial process among the human resource processes, it includes the recruitment of staff for various vacant positions in the organization. This process involves planning, analyzing, strategizing, and executing the hiring process. The HR team defines recruitment stages, like the screening, telephonic interview, first face to face interview, second face to face interview, and so on. To manage the whole recruitment and selection process, implementation of strong recruitment is necessary for all sizes of organizations. It helps you to identify the vacancies in various departments across the company, publishing jobs on various online job portals, tracking applicant's status throughout the process.

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Make the process flawless

Unlike, traditional recruitment procedures a software automates the entire recruitment process and makes it much easier than ever before. Furthermore, you can save each candidate's details which include degrees or qualifications, years of experience, skills, and more. It is the HR process that includes numerous administrative tasks and consistent follow-ups until the selection of the eligible candidates. Without using software, it is really tedious and a complex process. An open-source recruitment management system allows you to track the source of applications such as a particular online job portal, company website, or word of mouth.

You are also able to define job positions, that include a position for a specific department. Recruiters will get the notification of vacancies in various departments that can be initiated by the department head or managers. After that, the HR team will work on the whole hiring process. Simply put, effective recruitment can be said when the HR team fulfills the demands of all the departments by supplying the best talents.

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End-to-end recruitment process management

The recruitment module enables industries to receive applications from various sources such as websites, online job portals, etc. It allows them to gather data of applicants and select the candidates for the interview process wisely. With Odoo, department heads or managers can create and launch various job positions for recruitment. Integration with web portals allows you to publish or unpublish job positions easily. After the implementation of this recruitment management system open-source tool, you can view all the activities of this process n a single platform.

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A full-featured recruitment software

This software makes companies capable of understanding, identifying, and acting upon the job vacancies, analysis of job requirements, reviewing all the job applications, screening of employees, shortlisting the most eligible candidates, and finally selecting the best talent among all the applicants. Get accurate reports and powerful user interfaces with the Odoo recruitment app. This system is best for those organizations which are dealing with the core HR process. Moreover, it is very useful for recruitment management consultants. They can gain more profit by using this system.

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Top features of Odoo Recruitment Software

  • Post job offers on your websites as well as on online job portals by integrating with the recruitment module. Follow the job application process within the Kanban view.
  • Organize and manage the candidate's pipeline for open positions and make the applicant's management flawless.
  • Organize all of the resumes of applicants and easily access them whenever you need them.
  • After screening, schedule interviews of eligible applicants and send meeting invites with all the details directly from Odoo.
  • Further, you can synchronize this software with Google Calendar to avoid any kind of delay in the interview process.
  • From the first stage of the recruitment, keep track of the applicants to make sure that how many candidates are coming for the interview.
  • After selecting the best suitable candidate, generate an offer link so that they can review the offer, upload all of their personal information, and then sign the offer.